- Robin Williams

Reality: What a concept!

The work we create together is deeply rooted and it's a reflection of the people we are --or how we strive to be. You are authentic, in the moment, connected, funny, brash, no BS. You care about people, not things. You aren't showy. You're smart; educated even--whether you went to grad school or can't help but have your nose in a book most days. You are open, flexible and ready for new adventures. You are kind, compassionate and considerate. You love nature and want to help preserve it for future generations. You take care of those you love and you show them you appreciate them. What you hold dear is family, whether yours is by nature or choice. When you hear the word "mindful" you understand what it means. You stop and breathe. You put your pictures on walls and in books, not phones. And, if most of those words are true for you, we should work together. You're our people and our connection will help us make wonderful pictures that reflect you--and not the latest photo or social media trends.

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