My name is Nicole and I am the owner and primary photographer at Sweetness and Light Photography 
  I seek movement, expressed feeling and emotion and ever-changing environments when making pictures. I'm efficient and direct and I appreciate those traits in others. I can be irreverent and have sort of a dry, crass sense of humor but I (usually) know when and where it's appropriate.  
  I live with my teen girls, chickens and three dogs in a 1970s house surrounded by pines. I am eclectic--favoring unique, aged, whimsical things, clean lines, color, NPR, musicals, Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman and anything with almond paste or lavender. I travel back and forth from Spokane WA (where we moved to be close to my parents, sister and her family) mostly to the Bay Area and every place in between and beyond. 
When I'm already booked or my services are out of your price range I also have great associate photographers that will nail your wedding photography needs. My associates are kick-ass photographers and human beings. They hang out with me even when we're not shooting a wedding (it's a love fest) and two out of three of them are named Melissa.  My associates (the Melissas) are familiar with the Sweetness and Light Photography style and I promise you won't miss me at all! If you'd like more info about booking an associate please let me know in the contact form!

WHO WE ARE (the Melissas and me)