I think I found it; the place where love and light exist full-time. It’s one of those locations you have to pay to shoot sessions at, it’s so fabulous. I balked at the $50 permit fee and now I get it; without it, Sycamore Valley Grove in Livermore, across from Dante Robere Vineyards would be overrun with camera-toting photographers and their posses of balloon-holding, little chair-dragging clients. Mark, an engineer and Jenn, an ER/Trauma unit nurse  like to unwind together at this park on weekends so it was naturally their first choice.  Thanks to these two I am now obsessed with the majestic oaks and golden light that it’s bathed in. 

Jenn and Mark are amazing folks; down to earth, funny, kind of goofy and willing to do whatever it takes to make the shot. I can’t wait to work with them in November at their Poppy Ridge wedding!

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